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High above fields of wildflowers and berries sits Birdsong Apiary and Honey Bee Conservation...               
Birdsong Farm's mission is to provide the perfect place of refuge for honey bees through preservation, protection, and restoration of the natural environment. In addition to creating a healthy natural colony of bees, we are seeking to educate others on the importance of pollinator health. Birdsong's honeybees are surrounded by miles of
wildflowers, fruit and woodland pollens, giving our renowned honey its incredible taste. Our educational mission is funded through the sale of Birdsong Farm's natural raw honey and products of the hive.

Working the bees on Birdsong ApiaryKeeping our honeybees healthy is our number one priority.  Our mission is to accomplish this through:         

  •      protecting honeybees and
  •         propagating healthy colonies.  

planting lavender by Birdsong Apiary

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  • We are protecting Birdsong's honeybees by giving them an environment that is naturally organic and pesticide free.
  • We follow natural beekeeping practices.
  • We seek to educate others on the importance of pollinator health.

Brushing bees from a honey frame - Birdsong Farm Apiarybrushing bees from honey framechemical free honey production - Birdsong Farm


  • The selected breeding of our survival colonies is based upon
    • Wintering
    • Brood build-up for genetic strength
    • Gentleness
    • Honey Production
  • We use only Minnesota Hygienic Italian Queens.
  • By utilizing Minnesota Hygienic queens and a select breeding program we are able to keep Africanized strings out of our colonies and produce gentle, healthy, honey producing stock.

                                                             Birdsong Farm
                                                          2785 Cooks Run Rd
                                                         Lindside,  WV  24951
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